Dealzmodo: Samsung BD-P1400 1080p Blu-ray Player For $269

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The Samsung BD-P1400 could possibly be the cheapest way to get into the Blu-ray arena without buying something that can also play Metal Gear Solid: 4. Amazon's got them in stock now for the low price of $269, which also probably qualifies you to get some free movies as part of the Blu-ray (and HD DVD) "please buy our players, we will give you free stuff" offer. Just be aware that this player only has HD profile 1.0, which lacks picture in picture support—but it does have 5.1 audio and an Ethernet jack for upgrades. [Amazon]



BOSTONPIMPDADDY FTW! Nothing is funnier than a guy that posts non-stop about the suckage of BR while using an image (self-image?) in blueish tint. Priceless.

Clearly by 'suck' he means Blu-ray is so deliciously good that it is taking over his life.

That said, I do not understand the hate for either format. They are almost identical.