Dean Kamen Cyborg Arm

This story has been lighting up the Internet like, hotcakes or whatever, but it's still difficult to find any solid information on the device. Made by Dean Kamen of Segway fame, this artificial arm is capable of delicate tasks such as picking scratching one's nose or grabbing a pen.

What most are assuming is that there is some sort of neurological interface, but I'm doubting that's the case. We do know that it was developed for military amputees and that people were literally crying in the audience during its premier. If you have more info on the device, do us a favor and share it in the comments. Until then, I'm assuming that this video is of the new Terminator that must be destroyed at all costs.

First Cyborg Arm [digg]
TED: Dean Kamen's Cyborg Arm [boing boing]

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I think Dean Kamen has some good features and bad. He does some really cool stuff because he loves it. But I don't think he has the best business sense...(segway anyone?)

I think we have the technology to do this stuff easily. But it isn't economically beneficial to pour R&D money into it. The semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and energy industries spend tons of money to do some pretty amazing things. Unfortunately, even with DOD money, the benefits of neurologically-controlled artificial arms are too small to garner large investment. The biomedical field will get tons of investment once we understand biology and the brain just a little more. Staying alive longer and healthier has a huge financial benefit. We just don't understand the biology side well enough yet.