Debunking 30 Life Hacks That Don't Actually Make Your Life Better

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Our obsession with hacking life to become more efficient beings of human knows no end. We bookmark links that promise to make picnicking more enjoyable, we scour the internet for kitchen tricks and watch endless videos that promise anywhere from 7 to 101 life changing tips. But how often do these life hacks actually stick? 1 out of every 100? Every thousand? It's like sifting for gold.

So yeah, life hacks look amazing on the Internet and they blow our mind every single time but it's not always 100% foolproof. Some of them take much more work than reasonable while others just don't work at all.

The folks at Mental Floss wanted to debunk some popular life hacks and found that while others worked amazingly well—chewing gum with onion, toasting two slices of bread in one slot—some were more trouble than they were worth—using duct tape to open jars—while others weren't worth a damn thing (anything dealing with amplifying audio). It seems like in general, food life hacks have a better chance of success than tech life hacks. [Mental Floss]