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December 29th Is Leave GoDaddy Day

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Congress pitches awful bill. Dozens of companies support awful bill. One of those companies is the reviled, asshole-ish GoDaddy. GoDaddy dismisses criticism. Internet decides it doesn't need GoDaddy. Let's do this.

The idea of an organized GoDaddy domain walkout, prompted by lolcat baron Ben Huh and community organization on Reddit, is a damn good one. GoDaddy has already rolled its eyes at the idea of a boycott in a note to ArsTechnica:

Go Daddy has received some emails that appear to stem from the boycott prompt, but we have not seen any impact to our business.


If you're currently doing business with GoDaddy, why don't you give them some impact on the 29th? [Atlantic Wire]