The simple lines of the Dalcans high-end "Lollypop" unit hide a host of features one would not readily associate with an AV cabinet. For instance, it smells.

Yes, smells. As in fragrance. Inside the cabinet, you see, are four diffuser capsules. If you're wondering why such soothing scents would need to be emanating from your television set, you obviously did not see Steve Buscemi's sex scene in last week's Boardwalk Empire pilot on HBO.


With a starting price of $38,629 it's certainly not Glade scented candles we're talking about, of course, but in any event here's a laundry list of the other items Dalcans has crammed into their minimalist cabinet (in case you're looking):

42" HD LED TV with mirror screen
Crestron amplifier
iPod dock
Odyssée acoustic speakers (2×200W)
Four HDMI ports
mini jack stereo + VGA
network connectivity (Ethernet and wifi)

The price above is for the basic "classic" version, if one could seriously consider the price of a low-level luxury car "basic." An "automated" version sells for $51,117 and may very well control space and time for all the explanation they give about what the hell "automated" means. [Dalcans Design via Born Rich]

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