DelFly II, Just the First of a Long Line of Tiny Flying Robot Spycams

This is not just some radio-controlled insect-like aircraft, no sirree. This is the DelFly II, a robotic dragonfly spy, developed by robot jockeys at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. While government agencies are not admitting to using such things, you can see how this hovering electro-insect with a camera on board might come in handy for some serious snooping. The current model weighs just 16.04 grams, can fly for 15 minutes at 30mph or can hover for eight minutes, and has vision-based stabilization for its onboard camera. Check out another video of the DelFly II in flight, after the jump.

Imagine this technology miniaturized even further; its makers are now developing the DelFly Nano with a wingspan of just two inches. Hey, that's nearly invisible. Evildoers who hate America will think it's just a large insect spying into their bedroom windows. [BotJunkies and Danger Room, via bb Gadgets]

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Oddly enough, incidents of these things being used to "observe" political rallies in the NYC and DC areas was reported on a few weeks ago...There was no conclusive evidence in either direction that they sightings were actually of some kind of drone, but plenty of people definitely observed something. Was it these guys or maybe something similar? Check out the Washington Post article...