Dell Bringing Mini 3i Android Smartphone to US?

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We knew Dell's Mini 3i Android-based smartphone would be coming to China, but now Crunchgear hears that Dell might bring an altered version of the device Stateside.


The Chinese version of the phone was simply not fit for the US market, lacking 3G and Wi-Fi, but according to a tipster, Dell will change some of the internals before it debuts here. The tipster specifically names an improved camera (5MP, up from 3MP) but we'll assume that if the rumor is true, it'll also get a bump in the wireless department to 3G. Interestingly, Dell is said to be messing with Android's internals for some reason, making some apps incompatible, though we can't imagine what purpose that would serve other than customer frustration.


The phone is said to be thinner than the iPhone, though with a similar icon list and feels "plasticky, like the Palm Pre," which would be fairly in line with the Chinese model. This is unconfirmed for now, but we'll keep you updated if we hear anything else on Dell's possibly entering the US smartphone arena. [Crunchgear]

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that's when you can tell that something's wrong.

BTW, 10 bucks says it'll come with tech support from the middle of nowhere AND that you'll be able to customize it (and, of course, if you customize it, it'll take 6-8 weeks to ship, and DON'T GET ME STARTED on the ACTIVATION process...)