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Dell Android Phone Is Real, If You Happen to Live In China

Illustration for article titled Dell Android Phone Is Real, If You Happen to Live In China

Remember that strange little rumor that Dell would be releasing a China-only Android phone? It's true, apparently! Dell is expected to draw back the curtain on the "Ophone mini3i" in the next few days. But wait, Ophone? That sounds...familiar.


Apparently the "Ophone" moniker is part of a wider initiative by Chine Mobile, which is using it as an umbrella brand for its blossoming Android line, which will share the company's customized, China-centric Android modifications. HTC is expected to join in with their own Ophone as well, which could help explain where the hell the HTC Click came from all the sudden.


But back to the mini3i: What will it look like? The device pictured above was briefly assumed to be Dell's first Android phone a few months back—a rumor that was quickly shot down by the WSJ, who said, with similarly questionable sourcing, that the device was actually an Android PMP. But here we are, with no new info on this alleged PMP and a straight confirmation of an Android phone from a reputable Chinese news source. Just sayin'! [163 via Mobilecrunch]

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I know it's a giant market, but what other motivation is there for a US company to release a China-only phone?