Dell announced today that it's acquiring Zing in order "to continue improving the entertainment experiences it provides its customers." The short, vague announcement (check it post-jump) is a bit surprising because Zing's bread and butter is Wi-Fi music players (Sansa Connect, Sirius Stiletto, Pandora's Wi-Fi player), and Dell hasn't really had much luck with portable music devices. Does this mean Dell's getting back into the game? Not to stoke the fire too much, but it would be sort of a pointless acquisition if they weren't, wouldn't it?

DELL PLANS TO ACQUIRE ZING SYSTEMS INC. ROUND ROCK, Texas, August 6, 2007 — Dell announced today it has entered into an agreement to acquire privately-held ZING Systems Inc., a consumer technology and services company that focuses on always-connected audio and entertainment devices. In a move that reflects the renewed interest and energy being directed at its Consumer business, Dell plans to use ZING and its capabilities to continue improving the entertainment experiences it provides its customers.

Terms were not disclosed, and the purchase will not be final until all closing conditions are met.


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