Dell Goes Solid State For Two Corporate Laptops

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Instead of going half-in half-out with hybrid drives like Samsung, Dell's going all in and offering solid state drives on two of their laptops. The Latitude D420 (heh-heh) ultra-mobile and D620 semi-rugged notebooks will both be entirely solid state, and are supposedly the first corporate notebooks to offer such a feature.


However, since the drives themselves are $549, don't expect bargain basement prices for these laptops. But think of the electricity you'll save in not charging these as often, and the speed increases you'll get when checking email and working on your PowerPoint presentations!

Press Release [Dell]



Solid state drives, 250 GB laptops, Blu Ray, smart phones and table PC in the works. Dell seems to be throwing all then can at the wall to see what sticks, anyone would think that they were struggling to keep ahead...oooh oooh would you like some nice colored LED's on that box'll make your gaming go faster