Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC Shown Off at Oracle OpenWorld

Michael Dell showed off the Latitude XT tablet at Oracle OpenWorld today, and from the looks of it, they might have a winner on their hands. Aside from previous specs (12.1 inches, 1.2 GHz processor, under 4 pounds, up to 3 GB RAM), the video reveals that the convertible tablet features multi-touch recognition that can detect five fingers on the screen at once. The demo shows our presenters finger painting with all five fingers and shuffling through a "pile" of photos via the touchscreen. Dell also said it's due to hit the market in a couple of months. [jkkmobile]

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@Bodypainter: If you really listen to the keynotes, it's obvious that he's careful to not explicitly state that what they do is the first of these efforts. People end up thinking that they implied this, but they don't. Apple doesn't do a lot of things first, but where they excel is in doing these same things well.