DeLorean Going Back Into Production

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The DeLorean, the car from Back to the Future with the gull wing doors and gleaming stainless steel finish, has come back to the future, going into extremely limited production thanks to a group of greasemonkeys in Houston who like to refurbish cars. They have about 200 of the original DeLorean 2.8 L V-6 engines on hand, and will start making the cars from scratch next year.

There's no exact price attached to the exclusive cars, which will be built at a rate of around 20 cars per year. The last time a DeLorean was rolled off the assembly line was 1982, when the last model was built in DeLorean's Northern Ireland plant.


This new car company, which actually acquired rights to the name DeLorean Motor Company, didn't mention a specific price, but it's currently selling its refurbished DeLoreans for $42,500. [Wired]