Delta Will Let You Watch Your Luggage Get Lost In Real Time

Image: Delta
Image: Delta

Delta invested $50 million in adding a luggage tracking feature to its app, CNN reports. The airline has currently rolled this program out in 84 cities nationwide, meaning you can now watch your luggage get left behind in real time.


“From the moment our customers drop off their bag, we want them to know we’re looking out for it every step of the way and working to take the stress out of flying, one innovation at a time,” Delta senior vice president Bill Lentsch said in a statement.

Delta is the first airline to roll out a program like this. CNN explains how the app works:

Checked bags will get a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag that allows it to be tracked in real-time using radio waves. Scanners along the journey will track a bag’s movement, and then send the location information to the passenger’s app.

The future feels bleak at times, like things are getting worse. Really, things have always been bad; war and injustice and hatred is perennial, and the past was far worse than the present. The internet simply gives us the resources to see all the badness around us. There’s more information available, news spreads fast, communication is too convenient. We become acutely aware of so much badness the instant it happens. Anyways that’s what I imagine I’d be theoretically thinking about if my flight took off, and I got to watch my luggage get left behind, soaring into the abyss.

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Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.


Ugh, memories. I experienced that (with eyeballs my only app!) around 20 years ago visiting my mom across the country, Va to NM. Took Greyhound and while about to take off from one stop (I think Dallas?) I saw my suitcase on a cart moving away from the bus. I jumped up and went to the driver and told him hey, that’s my suitcase, isn’t it supposed to stay with the bus? Can I go out and tell them? Can you? He was a complete asshole and told me I had two options: get back in my seat or get off the bus and take another one, because he wasn’t going to wait.

Probably should’ve chosen the latter but didn’t have much chance to decide (and had no idea when/if another such bus on my route would be available). So sat back down. By the way for the first time in my life I’d have enough money to actually buy some nice presents for mom, step-dad, and step-sis.

So got to New Mexico and waited for luggage and of course it wasn’t there, so filed a claim. A few days later they said it had finally arrived, so we drove an hour and a half from their mountain village to get it. The suitcase indeed had arrived, but the only thing on the inside were a few scraps of wrapping paper. Someone (I assume Greyhound employees, who else would have the opportunity?) had ransacked it, stealing the presents and even dumping my clothes and such. And even didn’t also dump the suitcase. And even left those scraps, as taunts maybe. Maybe there’s an at-large Greyhound baggage handler psychopath who gets off on hurting and taunting his victims.

After returning home and spending weeks fighting with Greyhound people they finally agreed to reimburse me the value of the presents, and I bought and sent them. But that was kind of a bitter-sweet Christmas.

Forgot to mention, on the way or back there was a fucking blizzard in Texas with tons of cars off the side of the road and limited visibility. Was used to that in Virginia, but wow. And also I caught the flu on the way, maybe from one dude who must’ve drank eight cough syrup bottles for that 8-10 hour leg. Oh and I’d just broken up with my long-time girlfriend about 2 weeks past. Was still great to see mom, who was very momly in helping me to not focus on all that shit and instead enjoy the time there. Moms rock!