Denon AVC-1930 Home Theater Receiver with HDMI, 1080p Switching

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Denon introduced its AVC-1930, a 150-watt 7.1 amplifier with two HDMI inputs, and one HDMI output for that 1080p HDTV monitor. Attach its little puck-shaped microphone, and it automatically sets up its equalization to match your room's acoustics. And if you get sick and tired of all that crispy 1080p video, plug your iPod into its optional ASD-1R iPod control dock for some fuzzy 640x480 video you've downloaded from iTunes.

Pricing wasn't announced, but this will probably fall in that $1500 range we noticed with other 7.1 HDMI-equipped receivers of this ilk such as the Sony STR-DA5200ES. But you may need more than two HDMI inputs; the Sony receiver has twice as many.


Press Release (Japanese) [Denon, via Akihabara News]