CEDIA 2006: Sony STR-DA5200ES 7.1 Surround Sound A/V Receiver

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Sony introduced the STR-DA5200ES 1080p-supported receiver at CEDIA this year. This receiver is the shizzle and more. It is even capable of upscaling any source to 1080p. So yes, you can upscale those home videos of you playing air-guitar in your diapers as a toddler to 1080p.

The interface is also really unique. It is driven by a cross-bar icon-based system that is somewhat reminiscent of the PSP, kind of. The menu system also seemed very user-friendly with quick definitions of the technical jargon and what the adjustments actually do.

Another interesting feature is the picture-in-picture functionality. During my demonstation they were able to have a DVD showing then pop up a live stream of a video surveillance camera that was also attached to the receiver. The receiver as inputs for damn near everything—including USB. It will retail for $1,500 in October, when it is released. Hit the jump to see more pictures of the menu interface and the ass of this sexy beast—oh yeah baby, show me 'dem inputs.


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