Denon Hi-Def AV receiver Brings On the Video

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Let's face it, A/V receivers aren't really the darling of the CE world these days. Phones, gaming consoles, PDA's, these are the things we tend to look at when we want to drool. But Denon has always been a favorite of mine. Although its products aren't exactly exciting to look at, the company always packs a really great punch into a boring silver or black box. Take this new AVR-3806 receiver, which can upscale your analog TV signal to HDMI to make it almost as good as an HD signal. It'll also make your DVD images and console games look sweet as well. Has seven power amps and lets you feed multiple rooms from one source. Goes for around $1300.

Denon's new AV Receiver goes Hi-Def crazy [T3]


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