Design Concept: Paper Cellphone

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A group of designers have proposed "Paper Says," a cellphone whose electronic innards are recyclable and whose outside is made of paper. The idea would be to rent the low-cost phones to busy travelers, and when the rental period is over the phone can be returned and recycled with a brand-new paper exterior.

The keypad has a tear-away and fold-down design, and since the paper is very thin and light, the LEDs underneath are able to shine through. This is not going to do much for those poseurs who always must express themselves with only the swankiest, shiniest cellphones. But it might do in a pinch.

By the way, see what you can decipher from the nearly-unintelligible story (in Engrish) after the link—it's quite a rough translation.


Paper Says: Instant Mobile Phone [Yanko Design]