If you've ever tried to watch video on an iPod, you know the problem: what do you do with the iPod during the movie? Just hold it in your hand? One guy we know, when he's flying in a plane, uses a flimsy plastic cup handed out by flight attendants as an iPod holder.

Lisa Kohanshis designs away that problem with flexible screen technology incorporated into a stand-up screen idea using a triangle motif. It's a small triangle that fits in your pocket when you're listening to music, and when you want to watch a movie, you pull it apart, unraveling its flexible OLED display. Speakers are mounted in the top of the two triangles, aiming right at your ears. Remove its embedded triangular-shaped remote to control the movie from afar. Somebody build this one, stat.


Tripod: Mp3 Player & Movie Player [Yanko Design, via SciFi Tech]