Desktop Bellagio Fountains—Awe and Wonder Sold Separately

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For a million dollars the makers of the Bellagio's fountain will happily create a smaller version you can call your own. Or, you can save yourself $999,912 and go with Brando's tiny desktop alternative instead.


You probably don't even need to open a casino to afford the $88 that gets you 24 miniature jets that fire water up to an inch into the air. While a set of three LEDs on either side cast a cool blue glow on the waterworks, which can be set to run autonomously or synced to an audio source.

Brando's got a video of it in action. But it's lacking musical accompaniment. So the fountain just makes a bunch of awkward squirting and gurgling noises—which don't quite recreate the Vegas experience. But you add a little Andrea Bocelli plus hundreds of people filming this with their smartphone cameras, and you'll swear you're on the strip. [Brando]