The freaky Minority Report pre-crime system called FAST that Homeland Security was mulling over waaay back in 2008 has been given the green light, and voluntary citizens are now having their actions tracked by an algorithm for signs of hostility.


In the years since the Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) was first first revealed by Homeland Security, the department has honed its ability to "collect, process, or retain information" on members of the public, in this case a subgroup of DHS employees. During this test, FAST program manager Robert Middleton, Jr., said "sensors will non-intrusively collect video images, audio recordings, and psychophysiological measurements from the employees."

The goal being, of course, Tom Cruise and a bunch of jet pack-equipped pre-crime officers swooping down from the heavens to place incapacitating headgear on their inevitably crime-committing brows.

Kidding! More seriously, DHS has promised that the information gathered from the test subjects is generated anonymously with no identifying markers or such that could give away who's being tracked from the voluntary subgroup. Breathe easy, DHS guinea pigs—any potential murderers or terrorists amongst you are safe! [CBS]

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