Did Arrow Just Reuse Some Fallout 3 Armour?

Huh. Warner TV Asia has released a teaser trailer for this week's Arrow Midseason Finale, purportedly revealing the final look of Brandon Routh's Atom armour suit. But if you're a fan of the apocalyptic RPG Fallout 3, it might look more than a little familiar to you. (UPDATED)

UPDATE 12/09 - The obvious has been confirmed in that the suit shown in the trailer is a fake (well duh, it was totally different to what had been shown before!). The Arrow Fan Podcast Quiver reached out to Andy Poon, Concept Artist for the show to debunk it. However, the rest of the footage itself seems entirely legitimate, just with the Fallout Armour added in. So presumably Arrow's next episode will reveal the Atom suit, it just won't look like the image below.


First, here's a low quality recording of the trailer, via Spoiler TV - it contains a lot of new footage, so bear in mind Arrow fans, there's going to be Spoilers within:

All the footage within looks entirely legitimate, of course, but when Routh's character Ray Palmer shows Felicity a hologram of his finished A.T.O.M suit, the alarm bells inside the heads of Vault Dwellers might start ringing. Here's the shot of the suit from the trailer:


It doesn't really look like the teaser of the suit we've seen on Arrow before - and it shouldn't, because it's the Chinese Stealth Armour from Fallout 3:


Bu-wha!? It's definitely the Fallout armour - the helmet split down the middle, the wiring, the little orange tabs down the chest. The rest of the footage looks like it's legitimate (any diehard Arrow fans in the comments point out if it's footage reused from other episodes), so what's going on here?

Presumably, Arrow actually won't be using this armour in the final episode. Maybe the final CG might not have been completely done in time for the trailer and someone quickly searched the web for some stand-in armour they thought nobody would notice.


Or maybe someone at Warner TV Asia really likes Fallout. Who knows?

[via Comicbook.com]

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