Did Nokia's First US LTE Windows Phone Get Leaked in a Christmas Card?

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Look like a standard greeting card? Sure. But take another look at that phone: it looks like a Lumia 800, but there's an AT&T logo. And a 4G indicator. And—wait a minute—there's a front-facing camera peeking out of the upper lefthand corner.

Combine that with the fact that, as PocketNow reports, the card is from an unnamed Microsoft partner, and it starts to add up that you're looking at the Nokia Ace, the company's first major push into the US market. Let's hope so, anyway.

What's most exciting about this image and the others at PocketNow is just how Lumia the handset looks. I've been lucky enough to use one for the last month or so, and it's one of the nicest pieces of mobile hardware around. Combine that with Windows Phone improvements coming with Tango, that front-facing camera, and 4G speeds? You've got yourself quite the contender.


Or it's all just a photoshop slipup! But given what we know about the Ace, it certainly seems like the real deal. [PocketNow]