Did Peeta Accidentally Reveal More Hunger Games Movies Are Coming?

If you watched the cast of Mockingjay Part 2 on Conan last night, you might have noticed actor Josh Hutcherson say something interesting. When the topic of more Hunger Games movies came up, the actor said, “ There is—oh, I can’t say that. Sorry! We’ll see what happens.” But can we trust anything Peeta says on camera?


I’m serious. Peeta spends virtually all three books doing TV interviews, lying and manipulating a narrative either for his own benefit, or the capital’s. It’s obviously not impossible that Hutcherson accidentally almost let something slip out, but that would be like megalomaniac terrorists catching James Bond at their casino, and Bond claiming he randomly walked in just to do a bit of gambling. Sure, he might be telling the truth, but would you really believe him? I’m guessing Peeta is trolling the hell out of us.

But if more Hunger Games movies are coming, what could they possibly be? I’m sure Jennifer Lawrence is done with the franchise, and you can’t really have the future adventures of Peeta and Gale without her. I could easily Lionsgate asking for permission to do a few prequels, though, of earlier Games—perhaps like Haymitch’s? Hmm...

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I love J.Law’s reaction, “Josh...”

He WAS NOT supposed to say that. Also notice Liam Hemsworth’s reaction as soon as Conan said this was the “last” movie in the franchise. This was supposed to be a big secret until a reveal or something, so someone’s in trouble.

By the way, the 360 camera is way cool.