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Just days after Sony released its new PlayStation 3 firmware update, people are already pointing out new problems it's caused rather than fixed. Users on the U.S. PlayStation board are reporting that 2.2 is making all of their streaming MP4s st-st-stutter, rendering them almost completely unplayable.


Forum members have already ruled out the possibility of it being a connection issue (higher bitrate DivX/XviDs stream just fine), and folks over at Tversity are saying it isn't a media server issue either — one guy apparently tested Tversity, Twonky Media and Nero Home Media. All are stuttering like crazy after the firmware update.


Other problems forum members have come across:
•10x, 30x and 120x speeds for MPEG2s stream at only 1/10 or so the usual frame rate (regular MPEG2 streaming works fine though)
•Skipping over unwanted content "became very hard to do"

What gives Sony? Don't you test this stuff out before releasing it to the public?

[PS3 Forums and TVersity Forums]

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