PS3 Firmware 2.2 Now Available

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FYI, PS3 Firmware 2.2 has just been made available for download. The update adds the Blu-Ray 2.0 standard, otherwise known as BD-Live, and will enable downloadable movie content, such as games, wallpapers and ringtones. [Thanks, Brian]



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The subtitle of every firmware update for Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft should be "it should have been included from day one."

Are we this spoiled now that when ANY feature, no matter how great or small, is added for free to something already purchased, we HAVE to complain about it not being available before?


I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather get something late than never especially since I didn't buy the console for what it could do "in the future" but for what it could do NOW... so... this is all icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned.

I know people hate them for some reason, but I love firmware updates. It's like waking up in the morning to finding a mechanic from your car manufacturer saying "Well, I added x, y, and z today... no charge!"

I bought the PS3 because I knew Gran Turismo would be out on it eventually, and I liked the PS family controllers (could never get used to either XBox controller or that would have been my first choice). I also liked that I could play Blu-rays on it.

That was it. Now I use it for streaming media from my computer, playing DIVX files that I could only play on my computer, occasional web-browsing, and finally playing unexpectedly fun download games (I seriously said i wasn't going to buy any download games when I first bought it). This kinda multi-level entertainment isn't just on the PS3, but the 360 and to some extent to the Wii...

All of which have seen upgrades "after day one."

I dunno, I just think it's a stupid thing to complain about when after you bought your PlayStation 2... you could watch DVDs on it and play PlayStation 1&2 games on it... and that was about it. Almost forgot that you could actually get on the network with the other handful of people who bought an adapter and a decent 'net connection... but that was about it.