Diebold Voting Machines: Secure as Never

Proving they're getting on that whole (in)security thing, Diebold put a picture of the key that opens their voting machines online. Yes, the key—one key opens all of their machines. Result? Someone was able to copy it using the photo on the website. Makes you relish the days of hanging chads, doesn't it?

Diebold Machine Key Copied From Photo at Company's Own Store [The Brad Blog]



Luckily, the Dibold machine that I help supervise for the last election had a paper trail. Two people make sure that the machine is "zerod" out. All local polling officials (the volunteers that are at the polls) sign the tape at the beginning and at the end. All results are sent in by phone right after the poles close, the printed ballots and the machines are returned to the elections commission as quickly as possible. There is no perfect system, but Dibold just can't seem to get it straight. Luckily there in some states and counties checks and balances.

Ultimately the only way to keep the votes safe is a combination of physical safe guards, visible and traceable voting (at least to the ballot- not the person), and strict supervision of equipment before and after elections.