digiBLAST Has Landed

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There were some mumblings about the digiBLAST last Spring, but here's a full article on the portable media player for kids. Unfortunately, it's in Dutch. I Babelfished it and got a bit of info. First, it was designed in the Netherlands—so it is now their Official National Gadget replacing the gravity bong—and it can play video and video games. It will be available in September and cost 79.95 Euro which is about $100. The introductory kit comes with SpongeBob movie and 5 Atari games.

An MP3 player and 1.3 megapixel camera are available as add-ons. I also think this quote is important:

What concerns the hardware can be still said that the apparatus has been this way devised that use it easily is for children (large buds, firm).



In the world of proprietary media players, especially for kids, I think content is king. Will it fly? Probably. But you just know this thing is going to be hacked 10 ways from Sunday when it hits the bargain bin at Odd Lots.


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