Digital Clapperboard Alarm Clock Looks Like the Real Thing

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We've shown you a digital clapperboard alarm clock before, but it was lame compared with this one. The Digital Clapperboard Alarm Clock reminds me of the real digital slates we use in professional show business. We're not sure how distracting its display would be if you wanted to use it as an alarm clock on your bedside table, since it appears to be able to constantly zip by hundredths of a second on its brightly lit display. Our favorite feature? You smack down the clapperboard to silence the alarm. Proclaim yourself director by chalking in your name on the bottom, but don't be surprised if you find your name erased the next day, replaced by somebody else. Yeah, everybody wants to be the director. Might be the perfect $36 Christmas gift for that aspiring auteur on your list. [Chinavasion, via TFTS]

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Tenths or hundredths, they're both wrong! It should be counting frames, with a switch to choose between 30fps for NTSC (or 60 if we're talking progressive, or 29.97 for true NTSC drop-frame), 25 for PAL and 24 for film. Still awesome. I wan'.