Anyone have to go to one of those Dirty Santa or White Elephant gift exchanges this year? Usually I feel bad at the last minute, rebury my dead pet and try to pick out something that is kind of fun instead. But next year the gloves are off and someone is getting this.

The "state-of-the-art" Jensen SMP-115 16MB MP3 Player would be fantastic for a mean gift exchange. Someone opens the gift, excited as they process the faux silver finish that usually equates to a semi-precious piece of technology. Maybe it's a Skype headset. Maybe it's the updated Flowbee. Oh, it's an MP3 player! At this size, it must store a lot of music. Then, bam, it hits them. 16MB.


I can't believe this stuff is still for sale...but at $69.99, the joke will be entirely on me.

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