Dish Network Wants AT&T's Sloppy T-Mobile Seconds

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Now that the AT&T-Mo deal has been revived from its coma and shot in the head, the vultures are out! Bloomberg reports Dish Network wants to snatch up the little German carrier to create... something?

Dish, which already owns some cellular network spectrum, might team up with T-Mobile to create a new high-speed contender against AT&T and Verizon. This is an interesting proposition, as it'd inject some wireless power into T-Mobile, perhaps advancing it beyond the scrappy, ill-equipped underdog status.


Two problems, however: the FCC hasn't allowed Dish to use the spectrum it already purchased, and, this telling quote from T-Mobile's German parents: "Deutsche Telekom is pursuing the AT&T deal. There is no plan B." Ah, down with the ship.

Another reason to think this won't happen? Joseph Clayton, the CEO of Dish, says things like this: ""We like our hand, we just don't know what all the cards are yet." I'm not sure I'm familiar with that particular card game. [Bloomberg]