Disney pays Damon Lindelof a whopping sum to create the next Star Wars

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Harry Potter is almost over, so what will the next big family-friendly blockbuster movie series be? Disney hopes that Lost writer Damon Lindelof has the next big science fiction idea. And it's called 1952.

Deadline is reporting that Disney has just made Lindelof a seven-figure deal to write and produce a "large-scale" scifi feature that can play to a family audience. Basically the next Potter, Star Wars or Back To The Future. The only thing we know about this mysterious project is the working title, 1952. And we're not putting too much credence in that anyway, Lindelof is from the J.J. Abrams school of fake working titles and secrets. It could be years until we find out what this new endeavor is really about.


But until then, I leave it in your hands. What sort of film does the public want now? What's the next Potter or Star Wars? My money's on Hunger Games.