Disney Spotlight: Karaoke on Your iPad 2 (Blackout Insobriety Optional)

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It's lacking the staples of Tiny Dancer, Don't Stop Believin', and Hollaback Girl (am I right?), but if you're into Disney's catalog of croon-alongs, Spotlight could be a lot of fun for the tween in your life (or you).

Spotlight's a surprisingly decent little karaoke package for your iPad. The app, available this Fall, is bundled with a not-so-toyish mic ($60 for wired and $100 for wireless), and includes some audio setting adjustments to fine-tune your belting. There's even a pitch correction option, so you can autotune your tone deaf little ones without breaking their hearts.


I tried it. It was fun! Despite not being in Disney's target demographic of girls who aren't wearing bras yet, I liked making an ass of myself like a microphone as much as I would anywhere else. It even takes a video of you making an ass of yourself (or of your adorable kids being adorable!). The library's heavy on the Miley and Selena Gomez, but Disney says they're looking for a total catalog of about 70 tracks at somewhere around a dollar a pop. Please, please include A Whole New World.