Disney's Film Slate Is Heavy With Sequels, Remakes, And Nostalgia

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It’s good to be Disney right now. Why? Because Disney owns everything you want to pay money to see, and their brand new slate should scare the hell out of all other studios. It’s not only impressive but basically a victory lap of remakes, sequels and Marvel blockbusters. Oh, and Star Wars, too.

The new line-up was released this week in Las Vegas at the CinemaCon convention (a gathering of cinema owners and film industry professionals). At their annual presentation, Disney rolled out their brand new movie slate, and it’s full of sequels, adaptations and remakes. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Nine sequels are in development, including: Avengers 2, Alice in the Looking Glass, Finding Dory, GotG 2, Toy Story 4, Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain America 3, Star Wars Episode VII and Star Wars: Episode VIII)
  • Four book adaptations: The Finest Hours, BFG, Ghost in the Shell, Doctor Strange.
  • Three remakes: The Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon and Beauty and the Beast.
  • One film inspired by real events: Bridge of Spies.
  • One spinoff film: Star Wars: Rogue One.
  • Two movies inspired by a Disneyland/Disney World ride or experience: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Tomorrowland.
  • Four original films: Moana, Inside Out, Zootopia, and The Good Dinosaur.

We’re not complaining about any remakes or adaptations (hell yes, Ghost in the Shell) but it is fascinating to see how focused this corporation Disney has become in scooping up interesting properties and remaking movies you’ve already seen as live-action films. Fascinating, but also kind of terrifying. The Mouse House rules on.