Distilling the Tar From Two Cartons of Cigarettes

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At this point, everybody knows that cigarettes are bad for you. It's not like a smoker is going to hear that cigarettes cause cancer and be shocked enough to quit; they know what they're doing. But in this video, in which someone with a homemade setup distills the tar from two cartons of cigarettes, is a particularly visceral reminder as to exactly what you're loading your lungs up when you smoke. Gee-ross. [Neatorama]


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I did this as a science experiment waaaaaay back in highschool.

back when you could do cool experiments like this, and not have every parent and retard-gaurdian jump down your throat for "Exposing mah BAAYBEE to dat-dere CHEEMICAILES!" and stuff.

But I digress...

We did a month's worth (30 packs) of ciggy's. Basically we took a weak acid solution (same PH as your lungs, near as we could tell) and then boiled the tar (pun intended) out of the tobacco.

At first, the liquid looked like tea. Strong tea, but tea. Then it started to smell. Bad. As the mixture heated up (kept to 98.6 degrees to further mimic the human body.) and basically steeped... it just got worse. We let it run in the back room for a month, adding little sips of water/acid every other day to keep it at the proper level.

At the end of the month, the resulting liquid was 'Pure Evil' and was foul beyond all comprehension. When we strained off the tobacco organics (leaves) and then evaporated the water off, we were left with approximately a pint of the most disgusting, putrid, vile and just plain EVIL liquid.

I still have the jar where we sealed it up in. I am told that there is approximately 300 lethal dosages of Nicotine in that pint glass. Gross. Super Gross.

As you might be able to guess, I don't condone smoking. It is a disgusting habit that does absolutely no good for anybody—from production to final flick out the window.

Yes, it is a pint of liquid. No it isn't in an open container. I realize I said 'pint glass' but it is really in a mason jar that I sealed up with silicone. It isn't going anywhere.

Yes, there really is that many lethal doses in that jar. But if you search for 'nicotine lethal dose' you will find out that just two cigarettes has enough Nicotine in them to be lethal. It has to be swallowed or injected, NOT SMOKED. Look it up.

The smell is surprisingly sweet—but powerful. Like getting hit in the face with a 25lb bag of sugar. No I didn't taste it. See above answer for why.