DIY Bicycle Snow Plow Works Great For Light Snow

When there's just an inch of snow on your driveway, there's no need to fire up the big power sucking snow plow. Just build yourself a DIY bicycle snow plow like this one to get the job done instead.

The idea of a bicycle snow plow isn't exactly new, but now that the snow season is in full effect, it's as good a time as any to stay prepared. Here's the maker of the bike plow explaining how it works:

So my bike plow makes it easy to make a few runs up and down the driveway to make 2 or 3 piles that can then be easily hand shoveled off to the side. A lever pulls up or lets down the plow with a rope and pulley. Pulling the lever all the way back cantilevers the rope and pivot point so it locks in place. The plow blade is hinged with a bungee cord, so hitting a discrepancy in the road allows the blade to flop and give like a real plow. The bike can turn on a dime so raising the plow and returning up the adjacent path is quick and easy. I can do 'reverse' by pushing down on the front wheel with my foot to roll it backwards.


Anyone else use a bicycle snow plow? [MAKE via Crunch Gear]

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