DIY Gaming Chair

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As we see from this picture, even the old and infirm can enjoy a fine gaming chair. This white-haired man and his bare, sad feet, is actually ensconced quite comfortably in a DIY driving chair. The creators pulled a 1996 Diamonte passenger seat and built a steel chassis. They painted that bugger, slapped on a Logitech steering wheel, and lived the dream, man.

They even provide some wonderful tips with dealing with the proletariat:

For Chrissake don t tell them you re using it for a game chair. They won t get it. Tell them you just want a cheap-ass replacement for your car or something. This isn t a tremendously geek-friendly place. Dress in work clothes, speak simply, be respectful, don t wear anything expensive (or talk on your $900 cell phone while there), and just get the job done.


Anyway, might be a fun weekend project for a metalsmith and his apprentice.

Creation Page [Smohara]

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