DJ Matthew Dear Sampled Thousands of GE Machines to Make This Banger

DJ Matthew Dear teamed up with General Electric acoustics engineer Andrew Gorton to sample the tones created by the churn of "thousands" of different GE machines, from turbines to medical equipment. The sounds were then chopped up and reassembled into "Drop Science," a frantic, meticulous music experiment.

Matthew Dear's career in weirdo music has taken him in a of directions, but this new collaboration (read: promotional spot) with General Electric is pretty remarkable, even if only as an illustration of his composition and production skills. It's always compelling to hear music that's assembled from sounds collected in the real world, but beyond the usual gimmick, "Drop Science" is impressive for the scale of the project. There are just so many different sounds that collecting them alone is an accomplishment. What might make "Drop Science" brilliant, however, is that the massive collection is so deftly dovetailed into a beautiful package.


[GE Reports]

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