DNA-Styled Affection, Brontë Sisters Kick Ass, Star Wars Sex-Ed and More!

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Every week, we round up the best tips that you post in io9's tips forum. This week, we've got a mash-up of geeky declarations of friendship, Brontë Sisters activate, science tips, Star Wars hilarity much more!


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Tip: Geeky friendship bonds are the strongest bonds outside those that are covalent.

Have a special pal who you want to declare you adore in the nerdiest way possible? CuriousYellow brings us DNA friendship necklaces!

DNA friendship jewelry, because why not I guess.


I love that she made RNA and DNA ones.

Times like these remind me of why the internet is such a wonderful place. Now if they could make wedding rings that employ the same concept, that would be the bee's knees.

Tip: Attention, internet: this is the best thing I have ever seen since the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer came out. Yes, it is that great.

I've seen this a few other places around the web, but BullfightsOnAcid posted it to the tips:

Brontë Sisters Power Dolls

If it were possible to have sex with a concept, this would be the concept I would choose to settle down with and make me an honest woman.


And now here are some sciencey tips Roklimber shared!

Next generation hard drives may store 10 terabits per sq inch

That's about a 100-fold increase compared to today's hard drives.

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Closest fly-by ever...

Herschel Crater on Mimas of Saturn

Courtesy of APOD:

A prominence eruption observed by AIA

Courtesy of APOD:


May the Fourth, as many of you know, is a very special day. A very special Star Wars-flavored day. As such, we had quite a few Star Wars tips so here are a few:

Via Ruthless

Star Wars, as retold by a kid and his LEGO in just over 2 minutes.

Via EdificeComplex

For those with TomTom GPS, you can download Star Wars characters as the navigation voice.

I believe this should be shown in all sex-ed classes from now on. I mean, it's a perfect recreation of how conception works.


And finally CoffinDodger likes to rock the Star Wars party:

Ok you crazy io9 Star Wars fans. Do you want to PARTY. I SAID DO YOU WANT TO PARTY!!!???

Like the Ewoks?! Well heres the greatest Ewok Karaoke song ever seen.

Celebrate the love people and remember, If your not partying with an Ewok....your not truely partying!!!


In conclusion, here is some gasp-worthy pretty brought to us by bookwench:

You know there are a bunch of astronauts on twitter, right? And the other day one of them posted an absolutely stunning photo of the Aurora Borealis over North America onto his page.


That, my friends, is shiny. And you can see it at the top of this post.




Great, now I'm gonna have the Ewok song stuck in my heas all day.