Do Not Watch This Slo-Mo Video of a Dude Sticking His Tongue in a Mouse Trap

Everything is usually way cooler in slow-motion. An amazing football catch, a kick-ass movie fight scene, a gravity-defying skateboard trick—but apparently that logic doesn’t apply to some dude sticking his tongue in a loaded mouse trap. If you don’t cringe in horror when watching this, then you’re not human.

You can’t help but feel a little sad for the The Slow Mo Guys who have apparently run out of things to shoot or blow up in front of their high-speed camera. But then again, don’t pretend you haven’t always been a little bit curious about what sticking your tongue in a mouse trap might feel like. It turns out, worse than you could have possibly imagined.


For your viewing pleasure, or sharing with your unexpecting friends, we’ve also created a GIF of the entire sequence for you. You’re welcome.


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The phrase "Worse than you could possibly imagine," I want you to know, is more than just a little hyperbolic. What I "imagined" was the tongue bursting like a blood balloon and the end getting cut off.