Do You Have A Crazy Survival Story?

It’s Survival Week here at Gizmodo, and we want your tales of how you got out of life-threatening situations.

Indefinitely Wild’s Wes Siler compiled an exhaustive guide to How to Survive Almost Anything, from avalanches to plane crashes to being forced to be your own doctor under dire conditions.


I feel lucky in that I haven’t been in many close-call scenarios, and one of the scarier events I walked away from—a potentially deadly car crash—was saved by my friend’s quick driving reflexes that mitigated the damage; I survived by not distracting him. Once I talked my way out of a threatening mugging, but that was pure nerves and probably not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

As a lifelong city dweller, I’m often envious of my friends who were Boy Scouts or avid outdoorspeople and have hardcore wilderness survival skills. “Could you start a fire right now?” I like to ask when camping. “Could you turn that downed tree into a shelter?” I also have a huge amount of respect for people with medical training who can put their abilities to action. I took a CPR course, but my chest compressions are likely lacking. In the arena of life-or-death survival, I’ve never really been tested.

I’m betting a lot of you have seen much crazier shit. Whether you were in the woods or on the road, what’s the direst situation you lived to tell about? Or were you the one who helped someone else to survive?

Top image: Shutterstock. Poor kid, he’s done for.


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