Casting your vote is more or less the most American thing you can do. It's the central tenet of our system of government. So screwing with it is a big deal. But can't it just get with the times already? Turns out... maybe not.

The easy reaction to people afraid of electronic voting—of which there are quite a large number!—is just "why are you still using paper for this IT IS TWO THOUSAND AND TWELVE." But their rebuttal turns out to be stronger than you'd think. Here's an excerpt about a small county in New Jersey from a nice piece over at the WSJ today about the debate:

The court learned that the voting machine had misattributed a few dozen votes to the wrong parties, declaring the victors to be the losers.


Sooooo that's entirely not OK. But the upside's still there. So the question stands: Would you trust electronic voting systems with your vote? Do you?

Image credit: Jessica Kourkounis / Getty Images News