Do You Use the Gmail Web App on Your iPhone?

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High resolution icons and the pull down to refresh feature are finally coming to the Gmail web app on the iPhone. Awesome! But, uh, will anyone notice? I mean, does anyone even use the Gmail web app?


Look, the Gmail Web App has long been fantastic. It's the sort of web app that you wish was a regular app (oh, how I would make love to the unicorn that is the Gmail iPhone App) with killer search, smart design and now better graphics and neat features. Plus, I've always felt that the web app was a better translation of the Gmail experience (labels, priority, etc). The iPhone native mail app strips and filters any sort of Gmail-ness out before showing you your mail.

But as great as it is, it's still a web app. I'm never going to pick a web app over a native app for day-to-day use, web apps are slower, web apps aren't as easy to launch, web apps can't stay open all the time. Etcetera Etcetera. So these days, the only time I do use the Gmail web app is when I need to search my ENTIRE inbox. What about you guys? [Gmail Blog]

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Ditto. Use it for Search only. Give it push notifications and I shall reconsider.