Documentary Deploys Spy Tech to Trump Japanese Dolphin Killers

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If you haven't at least seen the trailer for The Cove, a documentary about Japan's dolphin slaughter ring, it's worth a watch if only to witness some of the most poised documentary footage since Winged Migration. How'd they shoot it?

This second clip examines the filmmakers' arsenal of high def toys, including fake rocks developed in Hollywood labs, thermal cameras built by military contractors and air drones with a sense of humor, used to document the slaughter of 23,000 dolphins a year in a hidden cove of Taiji, Japan.

I haven't seen The Cove yet, but the movie is now playing in select cities across the country. And while it will surely be a tough film to watch, a boatload of filming ingenuity looks to have made the film a lot more watchable. [More at the Examiner]

Summermodo is a chance for Giz to get outside and test our gear where it belongs.

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I guess the difference that stands out to me when people compare this to cattle and pig farming, is that Dolphins are not farm raised. Question is, would that be more, or less acceptable?