Does It Stress You Out When People Borrow Your Devices?

When someone asks to use my laptop for a minute, or borrow my phone to check something real quick, I'll always say yes, but it drives me nuts. It probably dates back to my childhood, when watching my parents use the "kids' computer" for one reason or another always terrified me because they might find something they weren't supposed to. Like a bloody game I borrowed from a friend or...something else.

Nowadays I'm pretty sure I don't have anything to hide. But that's just it; I'm only pretty sure. That being the case, watching someone else borrow one of my gadgets for a few minutes is always a bit nerve-racking, but only an asshole would refuse. How about you? Are you ever afraid someone might accidentally uncover that stash of bawdy limericks you forgot you started composing in the notes file? Are you afraid they might just break whatever they've got their grubby little paws on? Or are you just not a slave to unrelenting fear and paranoia every time you interact with another human being?


Image by Dennis Tokarzewski/Shutterstock

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