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Does This Mean Power Drills Are Allowed in Classrooms Now?

Illustration for article titled Does This Mean Power Drills Are Allowed in Classrooms Now?

Marketed as the "world's first chuckable drill powered pencil sharpener," C.H. Hanson's $7 Pro-Sharp Finishing Pencil Carpenter sounds much more scientific than it actually is. Just attach it to where you'd normally screw in the drill bits; whack a pencil in, and zooooooooom, off you go to sharper-pencils nirvana. And breathe! [Amazon via Notcot]


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My wife's a math teacher. She laments the decline in quality of the humble pencil sharpener. The ones that used to be screwed to the wall lasted forever. Unfortunately, they went when the building was refurbished. The crap you get today is all imported from overseas and fails within a month. They look the same, but they don't last. Too much plastic and crappy build quality, not enough good old-fashioned American quality; because the American companies that used to make them, can't compete with cheap overseas manufacturers.

You might think that by paying $150 or so for an "office quality, heavy duty" electric sharpener, that you might get something that would hold up for at least a full school year. You would be wrong, my friend. There are only a few manufacturers, and according to my wife and her co-workers, they all build the same grade of crap.

You literally cannot buy a good pencil sharpener any more.