Dog-e-Minder Reveals What a Bad Pet Owner You Are

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Your furry buddy is barking and pawing at the door. Is he acting up or did you forget to walk him again? Don't bother telling me "but honey! I thought you took him out," when you could've checked the Dog-e-Minder.

The Dog-e-Minder is a waterproof, three-button device which attaches to your pet's collar and keeps track of when he was walked, fed, or given medication:

Each button has a symbol related to an activity. The "fire hydrant" symbolizes walk time, the "dog bone" represents feeding time and the "RX" symbol records the last time medication was administered. When you perform any one of these activities, simply hold the corresponding button down for three seconds and the current date and time is saved. To view stored information, just press the appropriate button once, and the display shows the last time the task was completed. When idle, the Dog-e-Minder also acts as a dog identification tag, displaying important pet name and owner contact information.


The device comes in black, blue, pink and red and can be ordered now for $20 (and they're buy one, get one free). It's a nice deal, so we're thinking of getting one for each of the interns to keep track of feeding times. [Dog-e-Minder]

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I don't think I need a product like this because I already have something just like it that came built into me when I was born. ... And mine didn't cost $20.