Dogpile's Autocomplete Suggestions Are Bonkers

Before Google there were many search engines worth trying out on the Internet. Technically, many of them still exist. What, you haven't visited Dogpile recently? Well maybe you should, if only to see what its puny algorithm thinks you're searching for.

Punch "Am I," "does," or "can you" into the search box and Dogpile serves up wonderful, nonsensical suggestions. Ahem:

"Can you get arthritis in thr face"
"Am i required to attend sc divorce mediation hearings?
"Am I evil?"


Who searches for this stuff? Judging by the results, either something's funky with Dogpile's algorithms or its users are seriously confused about whether they've murdered a bunch of people. Head over to Geekosystem for more autocomplete madness. [Geekosystem]

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