Dominic Monaghan Sums Up FlashForward: "Head F—k!"

What exactly is ABC's new show FlashForward about? Worldwide clairvoyance? Disasters? FBI agents? Kangaroos? Co-star Dominic Monaghan best described the show with two simple words.

I seem to agree with the man, the whole thing seems like a total "head fuck."

The new show will follow the path laif out by Robert J. Sawyer in his original book, but what's changed in the television version? We asked a few members of the cast to give us some insight into what's ahead for the story, but no one would (or could) tell us much.


It seems FlashForward really is aiming to be the next easter-egg-heavy show with hidden tidbits everywhere, including easter eggs hidden in one character's flash.

Dominic Monaghan is appearing on this new would-be Lost replacement, as a man named Simon. But that's about all he's got for us, aside from saying it'll screw with your mind.

"I just kinda know what you guys know. A world event takes place where everybody passes out for about two and a half minutes and in that two and a half minutes people have visions of their potential future. So every one becomes a prophet of their life. And it's the story of what happens to the world when you know what's going to happen next. Some people are gonna have great lives; some people are going to commit suicide and (yet) they know they're alive in the future; some people are going to have a baby with some girl and in the future they don't have a baby. It's just a huge head fuck. Head fuck!"

Joseph Fiennes and John Cho, who play two FBI agents, stress that in producer David S. Goyer's world, the rabbit hole can always go deeper. Cho, whose character doesn't actually have any vision of the future, says while that doesn't bode well for his character, nothing is ever written in stone.

"Certainly my character's very scared that he's going to die, because he doesn't have a vision, but ... I don't know, I honestly don't know whether he will die or not."


"In Goyer's world," said Fiennes, "you have to remember that nothing is as it seems."

"Yeah, I wouldn't bank on him dying — because if it's implied, as you say, I wouldn't infer."


Producer Goyer also mentioned there is plenty to throw people off track, but many clues to keep them entertained. FlashForward has already incorporated a thousand (ok, like seven) easter eggs into the first 17 minutes of the pilot to keep people engaged.

Goyer says the writing team has careful mapped out where they want these rabbit holes to lead, which meant incorporating such things in the pilot as the company Red Panda and ... a kangaroo we see jumping across the street as Los Angeles lies in ruin.


The kangaroo, says Goyer, will definitely be back.

And Cho's words keep ringing in my head, as the perfect tagline for every dramatically secretive TV serial today: "If it's implied ... I wouldn't infer."


FlashFoward begins September 24 on ABC.



Am I the only person puzzled over this story? So everyone sees 2 minutes and change of some unspecified point in the future. And this is the foundation of an entire TV show? Really?