Domokun Snow Team

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Domokun, which I suspect means "Fanged Fecal Matter" in Japanese, is a very popular character. Now he can be even more exciting because they dressed his bile-filled body in snow sports uniforms. Watch him shush down the slopes in his Ski outfit or block pucks and raise a little bolus while tending the net in his Goalie uniform. It warms the heart.

Priced at $12.50 each, plus S&H, these are perfect for the coprophiliac on your Christmas list.

Product Page [GameBrink]

UPDATE - Read on for a lovely letter from a Hungarian reader clearing up the origins of Domokun.


Reader Borjan is from Hungary and seems to have a terrible respect for small, defecation-colored stuffed animals (who knew?). He writes:

Hey, fucking assholes at Gizmodo /that means in Japanese: crazy american motherfuckers, who can write any kind of crap/, the Domokun is NOT related to shit /like the Gizmodo crap-blog these days/.

Before you comment anything without humor, filled with original american idiotism, please check the information.

by the way, the Domokun is a mascot for a japanese television station, and the character is similar to a television set...

Fight the power, you Magyar Devil Dog!

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