Don Draper Solves the Alien Problem With Scotch

At the premiere for Day the Earth Stood Still, we nabbed cast member Jon Hamm and asked what his Mad Men character Don Draper would do to stop angry alien Klaatu.

Jon Hamm plays a scruffy faced scientist in the new remake of the 1950s classic. This new character's tie is loose, his hair is all disheveled and he spouts scientific factoids that make my heart go all a twitter. He's the exact opposite of his infamous Don Draper character from Mad Men. While we love watching Hamm get all mad scientist, we couldn't help but wonder what steely eyed, 60s ad sales man's man Don Draper would do in this situation.


How would Don Draper convince Klaatu not blow up the Earth?

Jon Hamm: [Laughs] I don't know man.
Jennifer Westfeldt: He'd give him a cigarette and a scotch and be like let's just chat.
Hamm: Yeah he'd sit him down and talk to him a little bit.

Do you think the Gort can hold his liquor?

Hamm: I don't want to... Gort can do anything he wants to that's the idea there.

Was it a lot of fun playing a scientist did you have to learn a lot of new words and terms?

Hamm: It was fun to be in a big movie, that's the exciting thing. It's just fun being on big movies, they're a lot of fun and a lot of people.

How did you prepare for the role?

Hamm: I had to do it quick that's for sure. Sort of between getting the script and getting the part and getting the job and getting on set was all about 72 hours. It was fast.


Jennifer Westfeldt: Read it a couple times on the plane

Hamm: Yeah seat 2D was my preparation.

Honestly I think a lot of lives would have been saved had Hamm come in as Draper. There is nothing that booze and smokes can't fix, besides maybe cancer. Also Jennifer Westfeldt is Hamm partner for many years and she's absolutely lovely, sigh.


You can see Hamm the man himself in The Day The Earth Stood Still this Friday in theaters.



Jon Hamm is ... just ... *sigh.*